This page is a basic guide for understanding pricing for existing or commissioned projects.

There are a few factors I will consider when pricing an item or commission:
1. Pattern: simple/complex, existing/custom
2. Yarn: amount, number of colors, quality
3. Finishing: extra items needed like stuffing, felt, eyes, etc?
4. Estimated Time to completion
5. Deadline/ Due Date

See the chart to give you an idea of pricing from past items.

Things not on this scale:
Scarves would be in the $20-30 range depending on colors and length and pattern.
Blankets, depending on size would be around $50 for a baby blanket (since they tend to be frilly and baby yarn is expensive), and starting around $80 for an afghan.
I perhaps see a time in the future where I might do Sweaters or shrugs, but as I would be venturing into new territory, I would be hesitant... If you convince me, they would start at $80.

Please note that these prices are based on basic acrylic yarn, or if I already have the yarn on hand. If I need to purchase yarn for the project, I will let you know in advance, and how much that will affect the total.

To start a conversation about something custom, please email me at angela dot skees at and put "crochet commission" in the subject line. The more input you have the better. Sketches, doodles, and reference pictures are all very much encouraged.

Payment is preferred through PayPal, though payment and delivery options will be discussed when outlining the project.