May 4, 2007


Graphite, Corel Painter
Spring 2007

So here's one from before Adia and her Daughter, where I was still using Painter. But I like the cleaner gradations and colors in Photoshop better, and here I was still tracing over all my scanned graphite lines so it took forever.

Come to My Presentation!

To everyone who has ever looked at this site,

You are cordially invited to my Senior Thesis Presentation of my thesis paper:
Comics and Manga: The relationship between American and Japanese comics after WWII

It will be held on May 11, 2007 at 6- 7pm in the Art History Auditorium on the University of Dallas Campus. With receptions to follow from 7:30 to 9pm. The University is located at 1845 E. Northgate Dr. Irving TX, 75062, or go to their website for more information at See you there!

Adia and her Daughter

Adia and Daughter
Graphite, Illustrator, Photoshop
Spring 2007

So here's where I'm messing around with digitally coloring images that I've drawn. I think it looks pretty good with at least three colors of shading. Yup, but for not taking me too long I'm happy.

These two are based on characters from a DnD game a friend of mine ran for us. Adia is a dervish/bard character who was just a little promiscuous. Hence her daughter showing up at the end of the campaign.

So Im Back

So my other web site was taken down after I didn't give Apple more money to keep it up.
I'll be making a new site after I have enough money to pay to keep it online. Look forward to
it! In the mean time just hang out.

Thanks for understanding...