June 24, 2007

Nori Nori

Last but not least is Nori Nori. I like her name, it's from the latin name for the spotted eagle ray. I was working on a lovely watercolor of her, but screwed up on the eye and made the mistake of trying to fix it and so ruining her entire head... so I'm heart broken at the loss of my watercolor, but luckily I had scanned the original. So here she is. Not too overly ray-like, not like Lin anyway. I thought of making her head ray-shaped, but that ray is not so pretty in the head and has a BIG beaky thing, hence the eagle part of its name, so no. Anyway, the idea is to have a fisher-person who is a mermaid who fishes with a hook and line cause it's a silly nostalgic overly complicated human way to do things, but extremely fascinating. Also she fights with a ball and chain, but not a ball, but an anchor, hence the anchor in two of the images... no its not based off that chick from that one video game as my brother pointed out, as you can see I clearly haven't played the game or know anything about it... but no. Right, so she's in graphite and ink. See you all next time I've got new stuff!

Lin Kohaku

Alright, so here's my second post today. This is Lin Kohaku. Her name is taken from the fish shes based off which is the koi variety called kohaku. Then I remembered that Haku's real name, in Spirited Away, is something something Kohaku, so I had to pick her first name from that movie, and rather than Chihiro, I picked Lin, because I like her personality better for my mermaid lady here. She was drawn in graphite, watercolored and then inked. Shes a cutie no?

New Stuff!

Hello everyone, Well I've finally graduated and settled into my new graphic design position over in Irving, now I just have to pray that when the internship is over they keep me! Anyway, I've managed to make some new stuff for a couple of online campaigns I'm in. Here are a couple of images of the ideas I had for my mermaid person for our One Piece campaign. The girl to the left is the first idea I had of based on a lion fish, the next post to follow is off of a koi (specifically the Kohaku variety) and the third post today is based off a spotted eagle ray... I could have used angelfish in my last post but I wanted something new. Let me know what you think!

graphite and ink