April 15, 2011

Welcome Home

Garage Sale Season. Need I say more?

It's that time in Texas. Every neighborhood has decided that this weekend is THE weekend to have a huge garage sale. So, naturally I am drawn to old wooden tables, wire carts, strange plant holders, old knick-knacs and all kinds of rubbish. But sometimes the best things are right at home.

My mom produced this strange welcome to our home slate sign and showed it to me. I guess I don't understand, but apparently pineapples are common on welcome signs. Not sure why. I took one look and knew it had to be mine... with modifications.

I present: The New-and-Improved Welcome to our Home Sign.

A close up in case you cant see how I changed it...
I took one look at that pineapple and went "who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!" I felt like Doodlebob was an excellent choice given the little doodly flowers around the sides. Silliness, but it fits me, my home and my life.

One other thing to note: I changed my signature... :)

Keep smiling. Stay young at heart. Be happy.