June 13, 2016

SH3: Anthos Root

While I am travelling around this summer you might also take a gander at my new side instagram feed for my new little mandrake root named Anthos, made by The Beast Peddler (etsy, tumblr).
Follow them at @anthos_root.

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It's just a nice silly way to get me to learn to take more photos, use my camera and be a little creative. It's not a terribly revolutionary idea, as there a quite a few feeds of people taking pictures of things like small totoros in places too... but I'm having fun. Although I am a little worried that the first picture above is also the best one I will ever take...

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We just got back from a trip to New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, but we have plenty more travels planned this summer. Hope you are having a good one.

Update: There are now over 80 images of Anthos doing silly things and I'm contemplating making a book.