June 21, 2010

Just in Time

So, Have you seen the TV show on Nickelodeon called Avatar: The Last Airbender?
Yes? Wonderful!!! Aren't you excited to see the movie Last Airbender? Cause I am!
No? What is wrong with you! Go see it all now!!!

Arguably the best show on Nick when it came out, and still, it is a fantastic series following a few main characters, the most prominent of which is Aang, the avatar and last airbender mentioned in the title. His love interest from early on is Katara who sports this lovely hand carved necklace. So I decided to make one of my own. I know you can get pretty good replicas in resin from a few places on the internet, but I'm not that crafty. Instead I opted for paint.

On the reverse side? The White Lotus Pai Sho tile from Uncle Iroh's set. Pai Sho? It's a fictional game, I think, that they play in the Avatar TV series. Seems to be kind of like chess I would think. Not to mention there is a great little subtle plot line around the White Lotus. Anyway, its just in time for the movie and I can't wait to show it off. Along with my Appa hat!

June 15, 2010


So, its that time of year again. A-kon was just a few short weekends ago, before that Scarborough Faire, and soon Gen-con. So, for the upcoming conventions I felt that I needed to create something that says... "Hello World. I'm a crafty nerd and I play pokemon!" Behold, the pokewalker pins. They serve a dual purpose, a) I have some extras to sell and b) they announce that I have a pokewalker and that people with one should link with me! I made them out of a cardboard backing and four colors of felt. The faces and eyes are fabric paint.

Also. I have modified the pipe fox with two very important additions. Safety Pins. Now he is a poseable, wearable subtle way to announce to the world that I like xxxHolic. I had very many compliments at A-kon and three offers to buy him! Perhaps once I have a house and a craft room I can go into production, as it seems there is a demand...