October 26, 2009

Katy Dip

This is a dip recipe that my dear friend Katy made up. It's hearty and can be eaten for dinner if you want... I wanted to put it someplace I would remember and be able to find it again.

Katy Dip

1 lb breakfast sausage (Jimmy Dean Mild or Owen's Mild)
2 bricks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (I use one regular and one reduced fat to make it slightly less bad for you, but two regular is the original way.)
1 can of Rotel (Mild, unless you want it spicier)
(don't forget chips, they need to be thick and strong to pick this stuff up!)
(feeds about 6 if you eat this as dinner like I do sometimes, but its a good amount for a party)

Open the breakfast sausage into a large nonstick pan. Mush it all up into small pieces and cook on a medium heat (you want this pieces to fit on a chip and be bite size if not smaller). As it cooks mashing it down will get easier. Make sure that all the little clumps are all the way cooked. Drain off most of the grease! Return to medium heat. Add the cream cheese. (Cutting the cream cheese into smaller pieces and adding them to the pan makes this step easier.) Stir it all together until the cream cheese has melted and coated everything. Open the Rotel. Drain out the water. Add to the pan and lower the heat, everything should be melted and cooked, this keeps it warm to make mixing easier. The Rotel and tomatoes will release more water and juices into the pan. This is ok! Keep stirring until it is all mixed to your liking. DONE!

Try it. It will look strange but it is tasty. :) If you are bringing this some place I suggest putting it in something that you can reheat many times in the microwave. Or even better a small crock pot kept on low. It will turn into a big chunk as it cools making scooping impossible.

Hope you like it!

September 28, 2009


First nice thing I've tried to draw in a while. This is a race called the Kenku, for 4ed DnD. A friend of mine is running Thunderspire Labrynth for us and I'm a Kenku bard. Check out my sweet Harpitar! (songblade) Anyway there weren't many cool images to look at to get this right, but I think she turned out cute. I've got a full body finished and colored image at home, but no time to scan it. Perhaps later. Oh and stay tuned for images of my new project... the Socktopus!

Just a small blurb on Kenku, they are from Japanese mythology and are (clearly) a race of humanoid birds.

March 10, 2009


Isn't he cute... based off a color pallet from COLOURlovers.com called Burt. This particular screenshot is from a digital hamster widget for your iGoogle homepage by aBowman.

January 12, 2009

Been Gone Awhile

Hey everyone. Itsa' me Mario! ...Not really. I made this background. I have been working a lot. And playing WoW still. And reading Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. Boy does it hurt my brain sometimes... but it's so good. Anyway, people might recognize this quote... it's also in the novel Salem's Lot. The image 1900x1250, fyi.