June 21, 2013

AC:NL Fashion Designs

I've haven't been very creative lately. At least not in anything outside of work. I have also been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf pretty much every time I sit down. AC is plenty inspiring, heck you saw my new icon design from the previous post, didn't you?

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I do have a few things to share though, hence this post:

1. I have decided to work on a crochet pattern for Blathers.
If you don't know, he runs the Museum in AC. I have always loved his design. This pattern is going to be a tough one. Since I plan on writing it all out as I go along, I don't expect to have it out anytime soon. Plus I have already spent a few hours of head time trying to figure out the best way to go about making him look as close on model as possible. The body shapes are easy enough, but the argyle sweater pattern of his chest and some of the more specific details will be a challenge. He is going to be a lot of pieces and embroidery. 

2. Here are the QR codes for the two cosplay outfits I have made for my AC character.
Nausicca Dress Animal Crossing QR code
The first here is for the dress from the very end of Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind. I have noticed that a lot of the cosplay outfits that I see combine her first dress tunic with the gun shell holders with this dress from the end. Not right. They are two separate outfits, in fact this dress, when she gets it from the refugee women when she is captured and escapes, is originally pink and only changes to blue after it is soaked in the blood of the Ohmu.

Katara A:TLA Animal Crossing QR code
This second dress is Katara's Watertribe and bending outfit. It is when she starts wearing the skins of water on her back when they are in the Earth Kingdom and after.

Feel free to scan and wear them out and about, just share where you got them please if anyone asks. Thanks :)