April 13, 2010

New Business Card

Well I had that other one, and I'm sure it would be acceptable as a business card, but like I said in my last post I had another idea rattling around in my brain. It is acceptable. Not sure which I like better...
I do think it would be really fun though to hand out a business card printed and laminated just like a playing card with rounded edges and everything.

April 9, 2010

Working Idea

So I've got that other business card which I am pretty happy with. However, I've got this itch in the back of my mind for an even cooler card... I'm starting to work on it now...

Business Card

So I thought since I might be doing some freelance in the future, that I ought to have a good business card for myself. I came up with this. Most of the art on the card is mine (can't take credit for the love birds, except for the coloring) and has all of the info one should need to find me. Cute no?

April 5, 2010

Creative Easter Fun

Coloring Easter eggs doesn't have to be boring or traditional... with a little imagination, and some help from the internet, cute Easter eggs are just a few markers away from reality. In case you don't know, the Pokemon eggs are Pikachu, Togepei and Charmander. The third images is EVE from Wall-e. And fun like this is always better with friends. :)
Happy Easter Everyone.