September 11, 2007

update time!

So in case you've been wondering where I am, I'm now working for Omega Printing off W. Story in Irving. My internship went well, and perhaps one day soon they will take me back, its been off and on really... but for now I'm learning all the other half of designing on the computer. It's now my job to see how the files I used to just make, go from files to real actual objects. It's quite amazing actually and thank God I took that one semester of Printmaking from Jurgen. Modern print shops really are amazing. and it is a small company (of just 7 of us or so) so it is really like a family; complete with tons of everyone giving each other a hard time. We laugh a lot there, which I really like. So yeah I haven't don't much designing for Omega, but perhaps soon I'll put up pics of the kinds of stuff I did for First Horizon. So yeah, look forward to it. I haven't had much time for my own work really, but maybe when I get more settled into a routine, and get a real place to work, I can get back to it. For now I've just got tons of doodles and thoughts...


Carol L. Mackiewicz said...

angela!!!!!!!! mr. fiegenshue left a comment on my blog! ha!

anyways..i'm listening to guster right now and remember how it was a year ago this week we went to see guster together with your mom and how much fun we had. . . . :)) and the guster sticker your mom got for me is on my car now.. :)) I miss you angewa. . . . glad to hear and see you are doing well..i haven't done any art's sad, really sad,..b/c i want to!!!

Carol L. Mackiewicz said...

wow, you get going early to work, too!!!

thank you! i like the fruit too! My students this summer were like, "whoooooaaa". hehe, it was kinda nice, actually.

yay! you know I'm coming down in december, right??