January 25, 2010

Kitsune from xxxHolic

Yet another project just completed. This is from a pattern off deviant art as well. It is a pipe fox (kitsune) from xxxHolic (the anime). It was pretty tough to make for something that looks so simple. I hand sewed the entire thing. (don't think I will next time though) It is made from one 40inch long tube that was stuffed with a second 40 inch long tube that contains the fluff and a strong beading wire so that it can be posed. Stuffing the thing was the hardest part. Basically I couldn't simply shove the stuffing tube into the other one since it was a tight fit and it was sooooo long, so I had to open the tail, insert a bent hanger, attach it to a hoop on the end of the tail of the inside stuffing tube and pull it through the outside body tube (like they do when putting wires underground). Then the head was sewn on. I really ended up liking the fabric i picked too, its not the same fur as the tutorial called for, but it's really soft and the back side of it is this suede brown so the underside of the ears is cute! He's my new favorite scarf!