June 15, 2010


So, its that time of year again. A-kon was just a few short weekends ago, before that Scarborough Faire, and soon Gen-con. So, for the upcoming conventions I felt that I needed to create something that says... "Hello World. I'm a crafty nerd and I play pokemon!" Behold, the pokewalker pins. They serve a dual purpose, a) I have some extras to sell and b) they announce that I have a pokewalker and that people with one should link with me! I made them out of a cardboard backing and four colors of felt. The faces and eyes are fabric paint.

Also. I have modified the pipe fox with two very important additions. Safety Pins. Now he is a poseable, wearable subtle way to announce to the world that I like xxxHolic. I had very many compliments at A-kon and three offers to buy him! Perhaps once I have a house and a craft room I can go into production, as it seems there is a demand...