July 16, 2011

Little Monkey, Jumping on the Bed

So, you might remember the Socktopus I made a while back for a friend's baby boy... Little did I know, but I feel like this is becoming my gift trend to friends babies. I have just completed work on an adorable Monkey for another of my high school friend's new baby boy. The pattern is Jaques from Pica-Pau on Etsy. Obviously mine doesn't look quite the same. I tweaked the colors to match my friend's color scheme and found a soft fluffy brown for the monkey fur. I also used different safety eyes that I had left over from another plush. I decided that I didn't like those eyes alone so I crocheted a quick circle to surround them. I am really happy with how this turned out. This pattern was interesting and fun, and a little bit challenging for the legs part, but I feel like my confidence has grown by learning to do something new.

Anyway, here's hoping their new addition loves it. I put a lot of love into the toys I make and it feels good.

Update: Socktopus has now become a good and faithful friend to his kid. Pictures hopefully to follow. :)

Next Project: Mr. Tuff-Guy T-Rex