August 29, 2011

Brain Sucking Octopus!!

So there are some pretty cute things on Etsy, and being creative means that what I see I can most likely make for myself in some form. One store in particular sells crocheted toys. I have no intention of starting a business, but nor do I feel like playing $8 for something I can make in half an hour. By tweaking an existing pattern for the Brain Slugs I have previously made, I can simply change the dimensions to a little more rounded shape, add a different fringe to make tentacles, and voila! Octopus!

Since the store near me does not sell safety eyes, I had to make due with a few buttons. A quick embroidery with black thread for a mouth. (FYI, I have no idea what an octopus mouth looks like...) and add a hairclip to the bottom and shes done.

My little sister in law, who is 6, really wanted to learn to crochet and sat watching while I whipped up the body. I think she expects to see this in the mail to her. We shall see...