January 26, 2012

Doctor Cat Contest! WOO!

So, if you need more cute in your life, why not read the webcomic Doctor Cat? It's about a cat, who is also a doctor. What else do you need to know??

Well the creator hurt her wrist and so is calling for entries for a contest. I had to enter, for the prizes and for the opportunity to draw something in Photoshop, which is something I have been itching to for a while now. From sketches to scans to photoshop and color. This comic took me about 8 hours over the course of three days to complete. I am a total novice at Photoshop, but I know enough to make layers for the line art, one for the colors and others for backgrounds and specific objects. I figured out grouping my layers to make moving each panel around easier. (again novice!) In the end I am pretty happy with it. At least it gets my not too funny joke across.

What I had the most fun with, was thinking about
a) how Lawyer Cat gets his glasses and
b) what his office might look like.

His office was super fun to think about. I wanted him to be behind an oak desk, like lawyers are in my mind... but then I thought why couldn't that desk be part of one of those cat jungle gyms?? And where normal lawyers might have a fancy pen in a stand, Lawyer Cat should have a fuzzy ball on a stick. But I also wanted his office to be totally cool, so I put it in a modern high rise building with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the heart of a city. I also tried to make the girl in my comic a nod to the human girl in Cat vs. Human, which is another of my favorite cat webcomics. Anyway. I hope it at least gets a laugh from the creator. Maybe you will laugh too?

UPDATE: At the end of the contest, grand prize winners and runner-ups were announced. So excited and honored to be chosen as a runner up! Thanks!