July 13, 2012

More Fishes and a Little Me

Sorry for the absence... I went on vacation for a week to visit some good friends for the 4th of July. Ate good food, saw Foamhenge, drank wine, watched fireworks, etc.

I of course felt the need to make them Fish Hats of their own as a kind of "thanks for having us" gift.
One I made with a teacher in mind and the other is a Ghost fish, since she likes ghosts.
The Ghost fish with black hole eyes.

The teacher fish, so called because I see pencils when I look at this one.

My good friend is also a crocheter... person who crochets.... whatever. And I was surprised on the last day of our trip with a pair of Little Me's as I call them now. In case you do not know us, they are meant to look like my husband and I.

I could not be more thrilled. With my blue hair and the button eyes I have been told I look like Coraline, which only adds to the awesome! I plan on doing one thing to mine: making some tiny glasses for her.

My new traveling companion.