May 10, 2013

Angela's New Leaf

While I am enjoying (to my surprise) Fire Emblem: Awakening for my 3DS, it is really a hold over until next month when I can finally enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf.*

Anyway, I have sunk countless hours into the game cube version. I specifically asked my husband to set the cube up for me as one of the main consoles to the projector, specifically so I can play the original AC. How many more hours have gone into AC:Wild World... I have no idea.

New leaf has been on my radar for more than a year now... I had it pre-ordered when its release date was October 2012, then January 2013. So needless to say, I am excited. I just hope they have added a lawn mower, although some part of me enjoys picking weeds after a hiatus from the game.

Been wanting to make a new icon for Twitter and other online personalities... So this is a good opportunity. And I should mention that I was inspired by this tumblr post by Steps Over Snails, whose illustrations I adore.

This was sketched on paper with a 6H pencil, then inked with 03 and 01 pens. Thn scanned and pulled into adobe Illustrator to get clean vectors. Then colored in photoshop.

*Just as an aside I am super annoyed that they have made a limited edition 3DS with animal crossing theme on the outside and that I did not know about it before when I bought my boring blue one a few months ago. Wish they had mentioned that when I reserved my copy last freaking year... Ok, rant over. :(