July 24, 2013

AC Tumblr

Just a quick note here. Been playing too much animal crossing I think (especially considering the contents of this upcoming Friday's post). Anyway. I made a tumblr blog to put up all my pictures from in game. They will be of anything that I find interesting that happens, QR codes for new outfits I work on, etc. I will most likely post any fan art I do here as well as over there, but this blog is not the place for in game snaps.

Blog address is http://starlite-ac.tumblr.com/ if you want to visit or follow.

Speaking of fanart for the game, I drew my husband and me as animal residents. I am a blue jay, simply because I wanted to be blue like my hair and couldn't seem to pick an animal. Plus it helps that I have always wanted to be able to fly. For my husband, I had already made his likeness as a bear so it was only natural.
Cerulean and Grump

Also made this custom background for my tumblr page. It's vertically repeating.
Ask if you want to use it. :)
Happy Crossing!