May 28, 2014

Cookie Cat

He's a frozen treat with an all new taste, cause he came to this planet from outer space.
A refuge of an inter-steller war, but now he's at your local grocery store.

Cookie Cat, he's a pet for your tummy! Cookie Cat, he's super duper yummy!
Cookie Cat, he left his family behind. Coooookie Cat!  - Cookie Cat Song

So yeah. There's that.

Do you watch Steven Universe? You should. Cartoon Network, Wednesdays (today!) at 6pm (CST). It is now on the my list of amazing new cartoons for kids and yet kind-of not-at-all for kids. (With Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Bravest Warriors, etc.)
Cookie Cat.
Cookie Cat was introduced in the very first episode, called Gem Glow. I was in love at first song. Also, an ice cream sandwich, shaped like a cat head, with half-vanilla half-strawberry filling, is something that I never knew I wanted. We are stuck boring rectangles with plain or off-brand neapolitan... So I feel for Steven when they are discontinued.
Fish shaped spaceship... awesome.
And what's with that backstory for the poor Cookie Cat? No home, no ice cream... tragedy knows no bounds. With no crochet projects on the docket, I set about to make a plushie.

Cookie Cat Pattern:

Colors needed:  (I used a 5.5 mm H hook)
Dusty pink for body and one eye. 
Black for body, ears, arms, legs, pupils and tail. 
White for the other eye. 
Gray for space suit belt. 
Orange/Copper for space buckle.

Head: crown to neck, in black 
R1. Mc (6) 
R2. Sc 2 in each sc around (12) 
R3. (Inc, sc 1)* (18) 
R4. (Inc, sc 2 )* (24) 
R5. (Inc, sc 3)* (30) 
R6. (Inc, sc 4)* (36) 
R7. (Inc, sc 5)* (42) 
R8. (Inc, sc 6)* (48) 
R9. (Inc, sc 7)* (54) 
R10-12. Sc around (54) 
R13. (dec, sc 7)* (48) 
R14. (dec, sc 6)* (42) 
R15. (dec, sc 5)* (36) 
R16. (dec, sc 4)* (30) 
R17. (dec, sc 3)* (24) 
R18. (dec, sc 2)* (18) 
Bind off leaving tail to sew to body. Stuff. 

Ears: make 2 in black 
R1: MC, work 4 sc. (4) 
R2: Sc 2 into each around (8) 
R3: (inc, sc 1)* (12) 
R4-6: 12 double crochet around. (12)
Bind off leaving tail for sewing to head. 

Body: butt to neck, in pink 
R1. Mc (6) 
R2. Sc 2 in each sc around (12) 
R3. (Inc, sc 1)* (18) 
R4. (Inc, sc 2 )* (24) 
R5. (Inc, sc 3)* (30)
R6. sc around R7. (Inc, sc 4)* (36) 
R7. sc around
R8. (Inc, sc 5)* (42)
R9-11. Sc around
R12. (dec, sc 5) (36)
R13. sc around
R14. (dec, sc 4)* (30)
R15. sc around 
R16. (dec, sc 3)* (24) 
R17. (dec, sc 2)* (18)
Bind off. No need for a tail here since head has the tail to sew together at the neck. 

Arms and Legs: in black, make 2 of each (duh). 
R1. MC5 
R2. increase around (10) 
R3-8. sc around, stop here for Legs and bind off leaving tail. Arms keep going.
R9-12. sc around for arms, bind off leaving tail.
I took two pipe cleaners and intertwined them. Then pulled them through the body at where I wanted the arms to attach at the shoulder. I then rolled the ends up and inserted them into the stuffed arms. That way they work together and have less chance of disappearing into the body. 

Bendy arm exposed with other covered.
Tail: in black
I also put in pipe cleaner in the tail along with stuffing. I did the first few rows and used the start tail to tie to a pipe cleaner I had folded in half and twisted. That way the end of the pipe cleaner would stay at the end of the tail. Then I added stuffing around it as I went along. 
R1. MC5 
R2. increase around 10 
Bind off leaving tail to sew to body. 

Belt: in gray 
R1. Chain 45, join to first to form a ring. 
R2-4. chain 1, 45 sc around, join to first. 
This next part makes the vertical strap. 
R4. chain 7, turn and sc 6 down, join with slip stitch at belt, turn and go up and down once more securing with a slip stitch into next stitch on belt. 
Bind off. Leave tail to sew down to body. 

Belt buckle: in orange/copper 
R2. increase around to 8 stitches
Bind off leaving tail to sew to belt. 
Once attached sew complete belt onto body. 

Pupils: in black, make 2
Ch 4, turn and sc2 down one side, sc 2 at bottom to turn, sc 2 up the other side of starting chain. Slip stitch to first, leave tail to sew down to eyes.

Eyes: one in white, one in pink 
R1. MC6 
R2. increase around to 12 
R3. (inc, sc 1)* (18) 
R4. sc 3, 3 half double crochet, sc 6, 3 hdc, sc 3 (18)
The last row there gives it the kind of oval shape. Bind off. Leave tail to sew to head. Sew pupils to eyes, eyes to head. 

Only thing this pattern doesn't have is his bowl helmet, but maybe you can find a round globe votive candle holder to put over his head to complete the look. 

Done! Total time to completion: Roughly 5-6 hours. Nice and easy.
Now go enjoy some ice cream and think about what you are missing out on by not having a Cookie Cat ice cream sandwich to eat the ears off of.