August 8, 2014

Mini Mushroom Pouch

Quick yarn project here! I'm talking 30 minutes or less.

For a friends birthday she asked for me to make a case like she saw on Ravelry for her earbuds. A few minutes later we decided it might be cute if I made one that looked like a mushroom. Seemed easy enough of a shape. So I got home, found some yarn and started to think out a pattern. Here it is.

Items needed:
Yarn colors for mushroom cap, and underside/stem
5.0mm hook
yarn needle
tiny bit of polyfill - optional
buttons, needle and thread - optional

I used a maroon red for the cap, and white for the underside and stem.
The cap, underside and stem are three different pieces. I did this so that I could stuff the stem part.

Mushroom Pouch

Cap, in red or cap color
MC 4
R1. sc4
R2. sc1, increase, sc1, increase (6)
R3. sc, sc, increase, sc, sc, increase (8)
R4. sc3, inc, sc 3, inc (10)
R5. sc 4, inc, sc 4, inc (12)(Inc, sc 1)* (18)
R6. sc 18(Inc, sc 2 )* (24)
R7. sc 24
R8. sc 24
R9. (Inc, sc 3)* (30)
R10. sc30
Bind off, leave tail for sewing to base.

Base, in white or stem color
MC 6
R1. Sc 2 in each sc around (12)
R2. (Inc, sc 1)* (18)
R3. (Inc, sc 2 )* (24)
R4. (Inc, sc 3)* (30)
R5. chain 8, sc to first sc to form a loop to go over button on cap, sc around in front loops only (30)
R6. sc 30 around
R7. dec, sc 2 (24)
R8. slip stitch 8, double crochet 8, slip stitch last 8
bind off

Stem, in white or base color
MC 6
R2-4. sc 6 around
stuff and leave tail to sew to base

Sew stem to center of base.
Use the tall section of base's last row to sew to inside of cap. Put the base so it is snug inside the cap and sew along the top and bottom of the "tab" of the base. This forms an inside kind of hinge. The bottom edge of the cap should line up horizontal to the front loop only round of the base.

Sew a button, or knot, to the cap above the loop on the base so that the loop can close around the button and keep the pouch closed. Optional: Add other buttons for spots. I also added a keychain ring to the top to allow for it to hang off things.

The buttons really make it cute.
Make a bunch of these and use up those leftover bits of yarn! Play with shape and color. Maybe fully stuff them and use them as pincushions. Or make a few and add them to a fall wreath. :) 

Difficulty: Beginner
Time to complete: 30 min or so.