December 29, 2014

Adult Cabled Beanie

My mom asked me if I would make a hat for a good friend of hers for Christmas. It needed to be made of a nice soft yarn and perhaps a tiny bit tighter than the last time I made it as it stretches a lot. We wanted it to be fun, pretty and a little bit special.

I showed her the Cabled Slouchy beanies that I made for a toddler and the chunky one I made for myself. The adult version by AllAboutAmi is just so cute and intricate looking. She showed me a picture of her friend and I loved the color of the jacket she was wearing in the picture, so I decided to try to find some yarn in a color that I thought would match.

I decided to go with Red Heart's WithLove yarn in Boysenberry. It is an acrylic that I have found to be very, very soft when working it up before, with the added benefit that it is machine wash and dry, just in case. It is also a 4 weight yarn, like the pattern calls for, so I thought it would be perfect.

I made the band 17 inches long, out of 52 rows with a 5.00mm hook. The band stretched to 20/21 inches which is the average head size for adults/teens. I slip stitched the band shut, chained 2, and then worked 54 dc around into the 52 rows (25 dc, increase) knowing that the cable design is worked in sets of 6. This gave me a nice foundation to make 9 cables around the hat.
Having made two hats previously with this same cabled look and pattern, it was a breeze to get into the rhythm and work this up. I finished 6 sets of the cable stitches and then closed it up and added the pom. This way it is just a little slouchy and less heavy on the back. Or you can fold the brim up and have it fit snug like a beanie.

The color I feel is just so darn happy! I got a few nice compliments on the color while working on it... This is a wonderfully warm hat, perfect for Tennessee winters. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope Tammy loves it.

Difficulty: Intermediate, unless you have done it before...
Time to complete: 4 hours