January 26, 2015

Purple Cable Earwarmer

Came across a new idea which fit perfectly into a need I have been thinking about.

I love my chunky purple cabled hat, but I am finding that it is perhaps too warm for the times when I am also wearing the puffy vest. That prompted me to think that perhaps an ear-warmer might be a better option for cooler (but not cold) weather.

I saw this cabled headband by Jennifer of Brome Fields online somewhere and I saved it the picture, thinking I could totally make it in crochet. If you knit, the pattern is free on her blog at that link.

Like most hat bands, I knew to make it about 20 inches long. I had about a half of a skein of the same Lion Brand Wool Ease in Eggplant left over and got out a J hook. I based my pattern off the cabled scarf idea I had for a toddler as well as the original cabled patterns by AllAboutAmi, but made it less stitches wide.

Chunky Cable Ear Warmer

Stitches used: **Please look these up if you do not know them.**
bldc: back loop double crochet, work into loop on the top furthest away from you
fldc: front loop double crochet, work into loop on the top closest to you
bpdc: back post double crochet, work around post of dc in previous row, inserting hook from backside around
fpdc: front post double crochet, work around post of dc in previous row, inserting hook from front around
fptc: front post treble crochet, used only in Row 1! for the crossover of the cables, work a treble crochet around from front of previous dc

To start:
Chain 12, turn and dc in second chain from hook, 10 dc across.

Note: dc at the beginning and end of each row are worked in back loops/front loops only to get ribbed look on the right side. Also, after each row number it says (R) right or (W) wrong, which indicates which side of the piece is facing you when working that row. This is to make sure all of the cable is kept on the right side of the piece to face out.
Rows 1-6
Chain 2 and turn at the end of each row.
Row 1 (R): 3 bldc, skip next 2 dc, 2 fptc in next 2 dc, go back and work 2 fptc in ones skipped, 3 bldc
Row 2 (W): 3 fldc, 4 bpdc, 3 fldc
Row 3 (R): 3 bldc, 4 fpdc, 3 bldc
Row 4 (W): 3 fldc, 4 bpdc, 3 fldc
Row 5 (R): 3 bldc, 4 fpdc, 3 bldc
Row 6 (W): 3 fldc, 4 bpdc, 3 fldc
Start over at row 1
**** I repeated the set of 6 rows four times total. After that it was close to the length I wanted so I did three more rows of the cable, rather than starting over a fifth time. This is because I did not want a crossed row, one cable row and then only to seam it closed right next to the first crossed row. So I made the last cable length longer. If you are making this for a larger head, you might feel ok starting over a new set.
Close the ends together with a whipstitch.

I don't think this is a hard pattern, but there are things that make it challenging. Personally I needed to move my cursor over the row I was working on to make sure I kept each cable section the same length. It was also essential that I paid attention to the front and back loop cues to make sure I got the edge ribbing on the right side of the piece as well. 

I love the thickness both of the yarn and of the piece itself as it covers my ears perfectly. I think this will be a perfect solution for those not quite cold days to need a full hat.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time to complete: 1.5 hours