April 27, 2015

Sibling Set

I was asked to make a set of three items for some siblings. They are younger kids and just got a new baby sister. We wanted to make them all something that kind of coordinate together, so we picked out two variegated colors one each for the older two kids, a boy and girl set of twins. These colors would be made into two scarves for them.

For the girl scarf I used this One Skein Scarf pattern. The yarn is Red Heart in Pink Camo. Instead of 201 chains I did 124+3 to turn to make it a more appropriate length. This came out to about 48 inches long and 5 inches wide. It's thinner and pretty stretchy so I feel it could be wrapped nicely. It came out really cute I think. I finished this one in the airport and got a very nice compliment on it. I'd say this took about 2 hours to make.

For the boy scarf I based it off this Simple Scarf except that I made mine 15 double crochet across since it is for a smaller kid. I used a skein of I Love This Yarn in Peacock Ombre. Since the ribbed area is a bit denser than the body of the scarf, the center is decreased to 13dc across until the other end where it widens back up to 15 for the other end's ribbing. This scarf is about 48 inches long and 6 inches wide. Since it was a little thicker, I'd say this one took about 3.5 hours.

For the youngest girl we wanted to make a baby blanket for her. I needed to have enough yarn left over from each of the siblings skein to get around the blanket for edging, hence the smaller scarves. We bought 4 skeins of Sincerely by Purl Essence baby yarn in Pastel Pink. I used the Simply Square blanket pattern by Lion Brand, and when done did two rows of edging, one in each of the variegated yarns. The pink blanket without the edging measures 44" on each side which is pretty big.
Finished blanket, sans border.
Attach new color in first dc of a corner after the chain space, ch1, sc in first dc, sc in next two dc, *chain 3, skip next 3dc, sc in next three*, across. This should line up with 3dc granny square clusters evenly. At the end of the first row you will end with a chain 3, do 3 sc in the ch 1 space in the corner, chain 3 and skip first 3 dc of second side. Continue down the second side with *3 sc, chain 3, skip 3dc*. At the end of the second side you will end in three sc, chain three over the corner chain 1 space and do three sc in other 3dc of corner. At the end of the last side you will do three sc in the last three and be right where you started, don't forget to chain the last three and join to the first sc where you started so you can make a shell on the corner.

The next row around makes the shells. Slip stitch into the center of the three sc's then *do 5 dc in the chain 3 space, skip one sc and slst in the center of the next set of 3 sc*, continue around. I barely had enough yarn for this row, so be careful if using leftover skeins for a contrasting border. The opposite corners will be the same, either two shells on the corner or one at the corner, but there are two different corners from your setup in the first row.
Two different corners on this blanket. Just the way it happens...
After I bound off the boy color, I attached the second girl color to the second dc of a corner shell. This first row will again be a foundation for the shells to come in the second round. So do the same as before: *3 sc in the top of the three center dc of your 5dc shells, chain 3, sc in second dc of next shell and do 2 more sc* to complete the three in the top of the next shell. Continue around. Once you reach where you started, you will make the shells as before as well. Slip stitch in the center of the three sc. Since this was the outside row and I had a lot more leftover yarn I made larger shells in this second row. I did 7 dc in each chain 3 space.
Two corners after second color edging is on.
The finished blanket is nice and soft, with a great pop of color and a very usable size for a long time to come. Time to complete is roughly 25 hours as I'd say I worked on it about 4 hours for at 6 evenings. This would be a great beginner blanket since the pattern is so simple, but looks complex and cool.
Hope they enjoy the warmth!