June 30, 2015

Mandala of Thoughts

Quick, unexpected post today. 

A story came across my feed today and I felt I needed to join in with Mandalas for Marinke.

I must admit I hadn’t heard of her blog until more recently. I've come across it in the past. Lovely free patterns, a few stunning ones on Ravelry too. Seeing today's post, I went and checked out her site again. Her blog is so full of color and life. It is hard for me to see it and think that this bright person is gone from the world. I may not have known her, but I can see the rippled effect this is having on so many crochet bloggers, friends and family. 

As a person who struggles with my own negativity, crochet helps me to feel productive, useful and creative when my mind is plaguing me with thoughts to the contrary. Thinking about the work I have made for others is a touchstone that I can return over and over. I’ve used it as a tool for my own calm and recommended it to others I know with depression. I know how soothing working on a pattern can be. 
I’ve been thinking about her all day. A kindred spirit. A creative being. Gone. 

I made this as a thank you for the many patterns, stories, and posts she shared. A few hours and my thoughts are all I can send, but I hope that joined by many others, it will help those who remain.
I want to thank you all who read my blog for being an inspiration for so many projects. For your encouraging words and comments.

I am here for you.