September 14, 2015

Dapper Gray Wolves

Got a commission for a little wolf man. Prompt was that he be a gray color, with a white shirt, red tie and black vest. As the request came from one of the recipients of the Mr. Skeesbears, she figured I could modify that construction for this project. Shortly after we started discussing, she decided she wanted a girl wolf companion for him, like the pair of kitties I made in the past. The girl would be styled with a black dress and red belt.

If you recall, both the Skeesbears and the Kitties were based off a monkey pattern I purchased from Pica Pau Yan. On her site, I found an image of a wolf she made that seemed to be of the same style. The monkey base pattern is pretty versatile. I sent her an email since her Etsy store is still empty of patterns, asking if I could purchase the wolf pattern, but never got a response. From the pictures I was able to see about how it should be done, so I set to work.
wolf (or gray fox?) on the right here.
For this project, I had the white, red and black yarn on hand for the details. I bought two skeins of Vanna's Choice in Silver Gray for the rest of the bodies, a pair of 18mm safety eyes for the girl, 15mm safety eyes for the boy, and some more polyfil stuffing. Hook used will be a 5mm H. (One day I will buy a fancy one from BQueen Collection.)

Since I have made this pattern at least 6 times now, it's a no brainer, except that the nose, ears and tail will be different. Half a brainer then? Anyway. Of course I jinxed myself. I got through the head, made up a nose pattern and got some ears made. Went to assemble the head before moving on and realized that the head was almost twice as large as the last monkey I made, which I still have on hand. WTH.
MASSIVE mistake
While ripping it all out, meditating on what went wrong, and the not-so-correct looking nose shape, I realized that I made these in the past with a 4mm hook. Oops. That accounts for the massive size increase. Think this yarn is a tiny bit heavier as well than the last one I used, but thats the way it is with most 4 weight yarns as it is a broad category.
I started over with the correct 4mm G hook size and it came out much closer to the right size. I also reworked the nose pattern to be a bit more gradual of an increase and once I had it on I knew it was better. You can also tell that the eyes look much more in proportion to the head this time. This one is the boy of the pair and I used 15mm eyes for him. (The girl will have 18mm eyes.)

I reworked the ears as well and added them on, as well as embroidering the smile, before moving into the body. White shirt, black pants, gray feet sticking out at the end. I'm always sure to use the back loops for color transitions as it makes an nice edge and gives the illusion that it is on top of the body color. Same for the arms. With the main body assembled and finished, I moved on to the girl. (Yes, I know, the tails on both will be the last thing I make.)

The girl pattern is just the same as the boy. Started with the head, added the larger eyes for cuteness sake. Made up another nose and set of ears. Moved into the body and started with the top of her black dress. Then when I got to the legs area, I decided to give her bloomers like I had with the lady kitty. Seems like people look up skirts on dolls out of curiosity, so I had to address it. Cant have her " going commando". Switch colors back to gray for the legs and feet.

Then I went back and added the skirt over the bloomers. After that I embroidered the belt on. Wanted to make her a little girlier so I added a tiny red flower as well by an ear.

After that it was tail time. I put it off because it made taking pictures as I went along, easier without them though. Kept the same gray and white nose coloration on the tails as well and kept them kind of bushy. I moved a few rows around from the tail section of a husky pattern by Sylvia of Studio Ami to get the tail shape right for these two.

Final touches was to add the vest on to the boy, complete with button. And add light cheek blushies with a little fabric paint.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time to Complete: 45 hrs for the pair