November 9, 2015

Show choir 2014-2015

You might remember that I helped out with making a logo for the show choir for the high school my husband works at in both 2012 and 2013. Even just between the two there is a progression I think. Well, I was asked to help out again this year.

The shirts would be white and I went with a simple two color blue scheme of the school royal blue and a teal to help it pop. It had to be good for male and female students to wear. I submitted a few design ideas for the front for them to choose from with their slogan for this year: "Here comes treble."

The back was to have the names of the students in a frame. I had the teacher collect signatures and then took them into Illustrator to clean up and organize. The frame I drew to resemble sheet music and added a music note font over to complete the look. Personally, I had thought of trying to make it actually be the notes for our school song, but in the end decided that would be a detail no one would get and would take a lot of time to do right.

In the end it came down between two front options.
The final design chosen was the one I liked best.
I hear the shirts were a big hit too. Always happy to hear good feedback.