January 4, 2016

Triforce Gloves

Making things to custom fit people is a tough job, and it is harder still when they aren't super nearby for regular fittings. As such, these gloves were started in February 2015 and were just finished in December... but that's the way it goes sometimes.

My friend asked for a pair in dark green with a gold Triforce on the back of the left hand glove. Since I wanted to use Cascade Heritage yarn, I went to Jennings Street Yarns, as they had the color I wanted in stock! I also got a tiny skein of a "gold" color called Dandelion from Madtosh while I was in the area.

Back in February, I had him try some gray gloves I had made for another friend on and though they seemed a little long on him, they fit nicely in all other aspects. So I dropped two rows right by the wrist to make it fit a little nicer. On these I decided to go with regular half double crochet instead of the modified hdc from the original pattern I have been using to make these from. For the triforce detail I decided to do it as in line as color changes. I used this chart by Becca of Crocheting in Canada as a base, but then while I was working decided to modify it slightly.

It became a bit more complicated since I forgot that I also need to increase on two rows around the palm where the design is created, that made the stitches not quite line up. I tried to make it as centered as possible and I think it came out ok. I do think the triforce is a little on the large size, but then again these are also boy gloves.

I stopped at the thumb so he could try them on. Turned out they were too wide though the palm and cuff, but the length was good. He also liked the size of the triforce. Still meant that I needed to start over from scratch. This was sometime in March and I didn't want to finish them without a second fitting.

Still after so long, we remembered to have him try it on at the Halloween party and I was able to see that my changes meant that it fit great. I just had to add the fingers on for this left glove, which was no problem. Making the second one in all green, meant I didn't need to worry about the color changes, but it had been so long since doing the first it was hard to remember what I had done and get back into it. Thank goodness for Evernote and the foresight to write out what I was doing.
Finished gloves.
I took my time and got it done though. I have to say, I will probably never make the mistake of letting something go for this many months again. It feels great to have nothing on my list of unfinished projects.
they have a lot of stretch, so they fit me too!
I still have quite a bit of the green cascade left over, so I am of course contemplating making a hat or something to go with the gloves... perhaps in the way of an apology...

Time to complete a glove: if you do it in one go, perhaps 8 hours
Difficulty: this pattern is pretty simple to follow, but has a lot of details, Intermediate