May 16, 2016

SH2: Music

So, one of the things I miss most from being in college is being exposed to my friends music tastes. I would have not ever listened to Guster had I not had a roommate who loved them. Same with working from home and not with co-workers. I had a coworker who introduced me to a lot of music like Thirteen Senses on our trips out to lunch.

Here in DFW there is a local station, 91.7 KXT, which I call the weirdo station. It's a mash of odd, popular, alternative, older music, and local new bands just getting their start. So they will play the Cure, then Radiohead, followed by some reggae and then a top 40 song. So my current tastes are cobbled together from my husband, this odd station and whatever else happens to come through.

What does that result in? Well it's kind of a mess. But my iTunes has always been a bit odd.
Anyway you can find my 2015 playlist as well as a work in progress 2016 list on my Spotify page, if you have one too. The last random band I really got into is called Valise from here in Dallas.

Please share if you are currently in love with a band or have a song you just can't stop listening to!
Now to find some tunes and get to work.