October 17, 2016

Anthos' Shawl and Hood

Now that I have tiny colored skeins of yarn, I figured it would be fun to make a few more items for Anthos to wear. First up was that lovely blue.

As we noticed, it had sort of a nice gradient when I wound it on the bottle so I knew I wanted to make something that worked from top down so that the finished piece would also look nice. Lately I've been sort of obsessed with the knit and crochet clothing items made for Ears and Dears' dolls, especially the shell shawl, so I figured I would try my hand at making one.

Looking around Ravelry, I decided to go with the fantastically named Knock Knock Knock Penny shawl by Anke Spilker. Of course it would need a few modifications, but I really loved the look of it, so I set to work. Since this was going to be such a small shawl, I firstly halved the starting chain from 100 to 50. I know after my first sweater, that 50 is a good number for Anthos' circumference measurement. Im using the same 1.3mm hook as before and jumped straight in following rows 1-3 as written.
I'm going to go blind as well as get arthritis
After that I decided to make it more of a cape though by turning at the end of each row. Halving the pattern and adding the turn meant that my ends didnt always finish up right so I sort of made it up and tried to add a sc at the start and end of each row to give it a straight opening. I also made up a sort of cheat sheet chart for rows 5-10 so that I could get my mind around how it was written.
a rough chart
I worked the pattern though row 10 and stopped there as it was already plenty long enough for such a tiny body. I simply bound off and hid the ends and voila! A beautiful tiny shawl with the gradient intact.

ready for tea and garden parties
Time to complete: 6 hours
Difficulty: Easy

As I still had at least half of the blue dyed yarn left I wanted to make something else. For some reason I kept thinking a silly pixie hat with point would look really cute on Anthos, so I went back to Ravelry and picked the Pixie Bonnet by Shara Lambeth. This hat is so simple and easy to make, that I kind of want to make myself one now.
the flat piece gets seamed up the back, then you make the ties
Anyway, I followed the pattern exactly as written, just with my tiny hook and thread. I do think it came out a bit big, and I really want to make another that is much longer so it is more like a long hooded cape (maybe in the red) but for now it came out super cute. I did shorten the round ties but kept them long enough to be tied under the chin.

Time to complete: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

This area of the dye job doesn't really have the nice gradient as the first half and so somehow these two pieces don't really match each other in my opinion, but it is adorable to see all these little pieces become a wardrobe for Anthos.

It's a good thing I don't own other dolls or I would be making clothes left and right.
Next week's post is on what I did with the two other colors from my dye lots.