November 8, 2010

In Progress

So, I am in a new game being run by a friend of mine called Dark Heresy. Kind of a gritty system in a dystopian future that reminds me of the Necromonger society from the Chronicles of Riddick movie. Basically it is like any other RPG, we have a group come together to figure out something weird. I play a Tech-Priest. Basically it is a religion that worships the gods/spirits of the machines. These machines that exist are from the past and we have lost the technology to make them new, but these tech-priests have learned and passed on enough to keep what tech the universe has up and running. These people become more and more machine as they move up the ranks in their faith. It really is quite interesting. Certainly darker than the D&D games I have been in the past. With a new character with such striking features and characteristics I could not help myself. So here is a sneak peak of what I've got so far.

After laying down a collage of images pulled from the internet (e.g. the borg queen, hands, a golden eagle, an aquilla logo, the logo of the adeptus mechanicus, etc) I have created layers over the collage and begin blocking out color and creating layers for the details and wires and things that will be needed to make this character really look cool. This is all in Photoshop of course and it is roughly twice the size of what it should be when finished so that maybe it will look really good when it is done.