March 11, 2013


So my brother, he is a cute one. He loves the weird and silly parts of the internet, like the Alot. So when he found this picture of a shark banana toy, and asked if I could make it, I said of course!

Since there is no pattern for a shark banana I just made it. I did spend some time thinking about and writing out the pattern before I started and I think that helped. So, let's dive in!

Colors/Items needed:
Brown (tiny bit)
Light Yellow
Blue or gray for shark
White for under body
red for mouth (tiny bit)
small black safety eyes
5 mm hook
embroidery/yarn needle

Start at end of the banana closed.

Using brown, create a magic circle and do 6 sc into it
do two rows of 6 stitches,
switch to yellow,
two in each sc, 12
one row 12
two sc in one, sc in next, repeat, 18
one row 18
two sc in one, sc in next 2, repeat, 24
one row 24
two sc in one, sc in next 3, repeat, 30
maintain row of 30 for 10 more rows,
Now you can start making the open peeled bits. Since we have 30 stitches, and after studying the picture, see that the three fins stick out the joins, we know to make 3 peels that are 10 stitches wide. Use front loops only to leave inside loops to attach the blue later for the shark body.

Outside Peels:
sc into 10 sc front loops only, chain 1, turn,
sc in each for 15 rows, then do rows of decreasing
sc2tog across (5)
sc across and turn (5),
sc in 2, sc2tog, sc, ch 1 and turn (4),
sc across (4)
sc, sc2tog, sc (3)
sc across (3)
dc3tog to end peel, bind off

Don't Slip! HAHAHA
For the next two peels simply join your yarn back into the same row and use the front loops only like before to make the next two peels.

Note to self: If ever do this again, make the open peels the long way rather than short way, meaning chain out 50 then make two at top to get the rounded top and sc down the chain, turn and come back up and do another increase at top of row. Make it as wide as the 10 stitches and anchor each turn in a stitch. Will look more banana like then. I think.

Make three inside peels, in the light yellow yarn:
chain 10, plus one to turn, sc in each for 15 rows
sc2tog across (5)
sc across and turn (5),
sc in 2, sc2tog, sc, ch 1 and turn (4),
sc across (4)
sc, sc2tog, sc (3)
sc across (3)
dc3tog to end peel, bind off
Use a single crochet around the outside edges of both pieces to sew the inside to the outside. Do this before attaching blue for shark body. Once done, I also added an extra row of single crochet in the row right above the joining row to give the three petals some support and to help mask the join of "banana" to "shark."
Thumb is on the extra row above the line that is the back loops only row.
Once peels are done with their insides and outsides, next make the fins!! Make three fins for the shark. These three fins are positioned on the body at the spaces the three peeled bits meet on the banana. *NOTE: I stopped at that last row of 18 stitches on the body of the shark part, to attach the fins to the completed body. This helped in sewing them on and making sure that the eyes are in the right place when you place them on the body.

Dorsal fin:
magic circle, four sc
2sc in each, 8
2sc in next, sc in next, 12
sc around for three rows, 12
flatten the finished piece and sew the bottom closed
bind off leaving long tail for sewing to body

magic circle, 4 sc
sc in each, 4
2sc in each, 8
sc in each, 8
2sc in one, sc in next, 12
sc around for three rows, 12
flatten the finished piece and sew the bottom closed
bind off, leaving long tail for sewing to body

Now that the fins are done, you can attach the blue for shark body in open back loops of the peels row.

Shark Body:
use open back loops from peels, sc one in each of the 30 stitches
2sc in next, sc in next 4, 36
do 8 rows of blue 36
stuff banana so far and shark body.
sc in next 4, sc2tog, repeat, 30
one row 30
sc in next 3, sc2tog, repeat, 24
four rows 24
sc in next 2, sc2tog, repeat, 18
two rows 18 *here is where I stopped to sew the fins on the body
sc in next , sc2tog, repeat, 12
add safety eyes!!
sc2tog, 6
close off

Now for details:
White underbelly of body piece is like the inside petal pieces but shorter:
chain 8 plus one to turn,
one sc in each for 10 rows (8)
sc in next three, sc2tog in one, sc next three (decreased to 7)
sc in two, sc3tog, sc in two (decreased to 6)
Bind off

For the Mouth:
Make two red half circles: chain 2, 3sc in first chain, chain 1 and turn, 2sc in each of 3 sc, bind off
and one white half circle which is a little larger: same as above, but add one more chain and turn, third row is 2sc in one, sc in next, repeated, then bind off.

Sew white half circle to the decreased end of the white underbelly. Then sc from wider bottom of white belly piece, up the side to the mouth half circle. Once at the mouth start picot stitch one in each of the sc from the half circle, to form teeth.

Picot teeth: slip stitch into sc, chain three, do one single crochet in the second chain from hook, slip stitch back into same stitch started in. Should make a little pointy shapes. Do that around the mouth, slip stitching to move to next stitch. once at other end where mouth ends and underbelly starts go back to single crochets down the other side. Bind off.

Sew two red half circles together at long seam. Then sew one of the half circles into the space of the white mouth with teeth on it. I recommend sewing it down with white thread so it isn't seen on the outside. For the other half of the red mouth, attach white yarn in one corner and make the same picot teeth around the 6 mouth single crochets.

Once you have the mouth and underbelly done you can sew that piece to the body. Tip: Hide all the tails of yarn on one side of the belly piece and sew that side to the body so that the tails are hidden between the two pieces. Sew the top mouth to the body, but leave the bottom jaw free to BITE! I did put a few stitches along the jaw line across the body to keep it snug.

Done! This project actually only took me 5 hours or so. Really fast. But if you are new this might be a lot longer. I think it came out pretty cute and close to the picture for just making it up. Just goes to show how easy amigurumi is.

Banana Butt.