March 22, 2013

Summertime Sandies

So I used to have this crochet project a day calendar... it was way back in the days when I did not really crochet all that well, or know what I was doing. But I did save a few of the day projects because I liked them and knew one day I might want to revisit them.

This project is one of them:
I feel it is kind of wrong that people are selling this pattern on e-bay.

Today I was sitting around and decided to start on this pattern. Especially since it is already in the 70's and I'm feeling like summer is just around the corner. I didn't have any beads so I decided to skip em since it is kind of a lace pattern anyway. I also did not have gold thread, but I did have black, so I used that.

Four rows in to the pattern and I'm already finding typos and odd stitch choices, but I muddled through trusting in the pattern. Until I got to the part for the right strap. Now, I have a feeling that here stuff is just plain missing. The first row of the strap has a single stitch in it and the next row is asking you to do sc into a chain space that does not therefore exist. Hrm hrm hrm??

Ok, time to rewrite this sucker. My pattern is as follows:
Hook size: 2.25mm

Toe to ankle: Chain 14, join with sl st to form ring
chain 2, work 24 sc in ring, join with sl st in second chain
foundation row: chain 1, 1 sc in each next 8 sc, turn
row 1: chain 3, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, chain 2, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, chain 2, sc in end sc (makes 3 chain spaces)
row 2: chain 1, 2 sc in first chain space, sc in next sc, 2 sc in middle chain space, 1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in last chain space, sc in last stitch, turn (counts 8 stitches)
(repeat row 1 and 2) 4 times (equals 8 more rows)

Right strap: chain 1, sc in next three, turn,
chain 3, sl st in last sc, turn
chain 1, three sc in chain space, turn
repeat from beginning, 13 times, for 39 rows,
single crochet three together, bind off
(note: I did 39 rows because I have giant feet. Try it on after about 10 rows to see how many more you need to meet at the heel. Also, if you count by the chain space, that is equal to one set of the three rows, so 10 chain spaces on the strap is 10 times and 30 rows. Much easier than counting each row.)

Left strap: return to row where right strap joins,  attach yarn to end sc and follow same pattern as right strap.
Finished the pattern, closed back, NOT FINISHED.
Closing: If you want the sides to close with a button, add one last row to either the left or right strap.
Chain 3 and join with sl st in last sc, to form a loop. bind off. Then sew a small button to end of the other strap. The button should fit inside the chain 3 loop on the end of the other strap, so that it will close where comfortable. Or you could leave off the chain 3 on one end and sew on clear snaps. Or, you can be lazy like I am and just be sure that the sides line up and then do a row of single crochet to join the ends together and make a seam at the back.

Finishing: Start at end of right strap, sc along top to foot top part and back along top of left strap to make a clean edging around the ankle. It did not say to, nor did I in this second image, but I might go back and add the same single crochet around the outside edge of the toe to ankle part, and along the bottom edge of the straps and back down again. I do not think I would add this around the toe hole since it is already kind of bulky between the toes.

With the finished edging around the top and ankle. Much prettier and cleaner looking. Hence maybe doing it around the outside edge too.
I guess if you wanted to add silver beads to the toe to ankle section, you could. The original pattern mentioned to thread all the beads on first and keep moving them away from the hook until you needed one and then to use it in the middle of a single crochet. I would just pick a spot on one of the rows and then do them every other row or something.

Or maybe use another color thread and crochet a flower or small embellishment to add to the top. Maybe a silver paisley or something. Might be a cool addition later. :)

Total time to finish one foot sandie: 2 hours, total 4 for the pair.
Super easy. Only thing a little difficult is getting used to the thread as opposed to yarn. A little tough to see those tiny crochet stitches.