March 2, 2015

Houndstooth Scarf

Was contacted to make a complimentary piece to a friend's favorite sweater. The sweater in question is a black and white fair isle sweater with red accents and she asked for a houndstooth black and white scarf to go with the outfit.

I spent a little time looking through patterns online and found one I really liked. I shared it with her and she agreed that it would be perfect. The pattern is by Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio and free through Ravelry or her blog.

This is a super basic pattern and might be an excellent one for a beginner. It uses a basic chain start, and alternates between sc and dc to get the houndstooth look. Most patterns online use this technique and although it isn't a true houndstooth shape, it really gets the job done and looks nice. It did take me quite a few rows into the scarf before I could really see how it would look when done.

For me this pattern was such a no brainer, that I watched a lot of Crash Course while getting it done. Figured I could relearn some stuff while working.
I like long scarves, and the one in the pattern is 5'6"! I was working on these from leftover skeins and decided to let the white one run out and see how long that made it. I got close to the end of the skein and it started tangling really bad, so I decided to stop and measure it as it was. Turns out it was 80 inches long. That's 6'8"... LONG! So I decided to stop and let it be. The width is 7 inches. This is one heck of a giant scarf, but since she lives up north maybe it will actually be warm enough. It could easily be folded in half hotdog-style and wrapped double thick. Or folded hamburger style and pulled through the loop. It should look nice with a number of winter coats so I am really happy with how it turned out, especially how the pattern looks a bit reversible.

Difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 5-6 hours