February 25, 2015

2015 Witchsona Week

Bonus post today since I wanted to do an updated Witchsona on time for the week again. See last years post here.

Still a yarn witch. Perhaps a slightly more professional version since I now hand out business cards with my creations. Still have a magic ball of yarn and hook that changes size as needed. Upgraded those gems on the end of my hook to be able to stretch out from the end on a string for tunisian crochet. Still rocking my yarn cutter pendant. My dragon hat familiar is just as lively as ever, if a little annoyed I haven't given him the proper horns he needs. Got my pineapple shawl on today which you might have seen on my Instagram as the post on it doesn't go up for a month or so. Also threw my pup Gingko in there since she's my real life familiar and self portraits don't seem right without her.

It's super busy at work, so perhaps I will get around to coloring and cleaning this up next month, but at least I have my crochet to keep the stress from sending me into meltdowns.