July 13, 2015

Baby Otachi

With the recent release of a large stompy monster movie about dinosaurs, which might as well be land based kaiju, I've been thinking about Pacific Rim again. I started a project and then let it go while I did a lot of other things in the meantime, but it's time to pick it back up.

After I made that pair of shell gloves with the leftover Madtosh DK Twist in Mandala from the Pineapple Doily Shawl, I still had a ball of yarn of decent length. Looking around Ravelry for a pattern that uses so little yarn was resulting in a lot of newborn hats which was pretty boring. Looking at the yarn itself though, I had noticed it was very close in color to the Madtosh DK in Stargazing I have previously used... for my Otachi.

What if... what if I made a baby otachi!?! Do I dare? Do I have enough? I have enough to try.

Just doing some google image searches revealed a lot of cute pictures of baby otachi fanart stuff. I'm thinking I want a large head with big eyes, a tapered body, some legs with toes, and a tail. Wanted to keep the baby feel with the giant eyes. I also wanted to make it smaller than the full size Otachi I already had made for cuteness reasons.

After thinking it over I sketched out a sort of rough guide for shapes in InDesign. (because I use it a lot)
I got through the head with the leftovers of my original skein and of course had to run out and get another skein to finish her. So if you are doing this from scratch, you only need one skein of yarn to make Baby.

I of course looked at the Lemmy Loop's original Otachi pattern I had on file, but modified it a lot for the smaller size. I basically only used her head and head fins and made up the rest myself. Since she was kind enough to share her pattern with me, I will share this pattern, if you ask, with the same caveat that you don't sell the pattern or the things made from it.

Her beautiful eyes are 18mm safety eyes made by Mia & Mom, a duo who happened to be at the Fiber Fest and have almost no online presence I can find.

Baby Otachi ended up being more complicated than first sketched, as once the main body was done, I of course needed to add all those little details that makes her a monster and not just a dragon/lizard thing. I ended up making a pair of back scales, three tail claws, a pair of wings and a back bump plate thing. The wing pattern is adapted from some by StitchBitch on this great Toothless pattern that I have already made a few of.

Once all the parts were all on, she really came to life with the final bit of embroidery in the bright Bernat Handicrafter cotton in a nautical "sky blue" just like her mamma big Otachi. I added her toothy smile, a few dots on her nose to try to get those extra eyes feel, and a bunch of glow spots down her back.

Baby Otachi is about 10 inches nose to tail which is about half of Mamma Otachi's 19 inches. Love the pair. Now my husband says I need to make baby a felt "chew toy" of Hannibal Chow's shoe.

Time to complete: 10 hours
Difficulty: Easy but labor intensive, just less so than mamma.

Image Credits from Inspiration Board: (left to right)
Mama Face: Unknown http://pixgood.com/pacific-rim-baby-kaiju.html
Fat Baby: Posted in comments by C. Rhodes at http://observationdeck.io9.com/remediosvaro-is-having-an-alien-baby-and-you-cant-tell-1586556217
Baby Otachi Hat: XDcreationz http://xdcreationz.deviantart.com/art/Otachi-s-Baby-Kaiju-Hat-411068619