September 17, 2014

Project Repeats

Happy to report that at least some people are seeing these posts and asking for items of their own. So I have made quite a few duplicates lately as well as new projects.

I have now made two more Harold tigers... The left one is made from the same skeins of yarn as the original. The right one is made with a more subdued orange and a slightly creamier white since I only had minimal amounts of the original yarn at that point. I like to think that the third one is the "vintage" color scheme. The vintage one also came out larger since the orange was a bit thicker than the one I used before. I tried to see how fast I could make one and managed to get all the parts done in a single day of about 5 hours. The next day I was then able to stuff, sew, assemble and detail it in about 3 more hours, for a total of 8 instead of the 12 it took the first time.
Left is the second, same as original. Right is third, "vintage", with cream and darker orange.
And a second baby Toothless. I debated not giving him the red prosthetic fin, since as a baby he would not have it, but it is too signature to leave off. Also this time, I was having a lot of trouble with the slick metallic yarn I was using again. I had plenty left over from the first one. I'm not sure if it deteriorated somehow in my non-climate controlled storage shed or what, but to make it workable I added a second yarn. The second is a thin black worsted and I carried them along together. Since it was thicker I had to use a 5.00 hook this time.

I do think the benefit to this was that using two yarns meant that I did not have those big holes in the toy from last time that allowed the stuffing to be seen through. It also meant that this baby came out big! The first was 6 inches, this one towers to 8 easily. First earspan was 8, now 10 inches! Nose to tail original: 7 inches... new one: 9 inches! So, a two inch increase in all dimensions makes a very substantial little guy. Plus he feels really solid with two yarns. Admittedly he is not nearly so shiny but just enough of the slick comes through I think. I also slightly changed the pupil position. Being so much larger, he did take a bit longer than the first... clocked in at about 10 hours.
so you can see his tail
These projects are excellent because not only do they go nice and fast, since I have my notes and past experience to draw from, but since they are smaller projects I can use up more leftover yarn. I am really trying hard to not be that person with an entire wall of yarn balls as best I can... as it is my stash is way too large and not very well organized. Might be a good project for the winter.