October 5, 2015


After the last few things I've made, I wanted to do something silly, yarn consuming, and less ambitious. I've had two burger related crochet projects in my Evernote crochet notebook for a while. So this post will be part one of these two posts. I must be watching too much Food Wars anime...

First step is getting all the yarn colors together. A quick rummage through my yarn stash and I found most of the colors I would need: Soft white for the inside of the bun, green lettuce, red tomato, orange cheese, brown patty. I went out and picked up a skein of Bernat Satin in Sable for the bun since I wasn't too happy with the tans in my stash. I used a 4mm hook for this little burger.
purple and white is red onion on part two actually...
I know Nerdigurumi called hers Hamburger-kun and it is her pattern after all, but I'm naming mine Hamby-chan. Once I had the colors assembled the pattern was pretty easy to follow.

I am not sure I really get the slip stitch row at the end of the top bun part. I mean I got how to do it and I guess it works ok, but I kind of think you could just work into the back loops to get the same sort of thing. I also think I would arrange the "toppings" differently if I made this again. The tomato section being between the lettuce and the cheese makes it a little hard to see.

I used 12mm eyes as those are the ones I have the most of. I also embroidered a few "sesame seeds" in soft white to the top as well. The cute cheek blushies just put it over the top. Finished Hamby-chan is about 5in in all directions.

Looks good enough to eat! Maybe... if it wasn't so cute...
Kinda odd to think I went from hating hamburgers in high school, to loving them now. What's your favorite burger place? Think mine are Five Guys, Moo-yah and Hopdoddy.

Time to complete: about 6 hours because I was lazy, bet you could knock it out in three
Difficulty: Easy