December 7, 2015

Go Vikings!

Despite my last four hats of these kind having Totoro on them, it is cool that now that I have the foundation pretty much nailed down, that I can design just about anything onto these fair isle hats.

I've still got half a skein or so of gray Cascade 220 Heathers, and had purchased new skeins of white and blue. This yarn is just so perfect for these hats. Again I used a 6mm hook this time and started with a row of 72 foundation single crochet. Next I increased up to 78 sc around. Then started into the waistcoat stitch and the design.

This pattern evolved over many different instances. I had thought to make it for my husband and have it say CHIEF, for his Norsechief roll. But he hardly ever wears hats like this, so I decided not to. Besides I had made him a totally sweet Viking helmet hat which he does sometimes wear.
Instead I decided to try out making one that I could wear to school games, since I have not made myself a Viking helmet. Plus now that I sort of work there, I thought it would be cool. And I keep toying with the idea of making a few to donate to the Marti Gras fundraising event in the spring, so this would be a good test. So here is the pattern I settled on. 

The word Viking is broken up because I wanted the cool helmet logo to be on the front center of the hat when the seam is to the back. I settled on making the hat blue background since I had the most of that color yarn. And I tried to get the decorative edging to also look like little V's.  
I used the same decrease rows from the last few hats, but switched up the colors a little so that I could make another set of the stipe detail on top.
Row 1: in blue still, *decrease, 11 stitches* (72)
Row 2: *decrease, 10 stitches* (66)
Row 3: switch to white *decrease, 9 stitches* (60)
Row 4: switch to gray *decrease, 8 stitches* (54)
Row 5: switch to white *decrease, 7 stitches* (48)
Row 6: switch to blue*decrease, 6 stitches* (42)
Row 7: *decrease, 5 stitches* (36)
Row 8: *decrease, 4 stitches* (30)
Row 9: *decrease, 3 stitches* (24)
Row 10: *decrease, 2 stitches* (18)
Row 11: *decrease, 1 stitches* (12)
Row 12: *decrease around * (6)
Weave in to close.

After closing it off I decided to add a pom to the top, as these hats usually look cuter with one. Since I had very little gray left, and I wanted to use it all up, I decided to make it a mostly gray pom with a little blue and white as well. 

I still of course have a massive amount of white left now, and perhaps 1/3 skein of blue left, so I'm going to have to figure out a nice pattern to use up the rest. 

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time to Complete: 10 hours