February 8, 2016

Link's Hat

After working forever on those Triforce gloves, it was nice to get them done, however, I still had at least half the skein of Cascade Heritage in dark green. I also had just a little of the Madtosh Dandelion gold color as well. I was trying to think of what else to do with it, but all I kept coming back to was Link's hat to go with the Triforce gloves, so I decided to see if I had enough yarn to pull off a hat.

This yarn is really thin, super fine yarn, with a weight category of 1. I'm using an F hook, 3.75mm on it. This type of yarn is usually best for socks, hence why I liked it for gloves. That is a bit of a problem though, since there are very few hat patterns calling for such a thin yarn. So of course I would have to make it up and write it out myself. Luckily, it really isn't too tough of a shape, and I have already made that striped nightcap, which was a similar weight and shape, this one just needed to be a bit shorter.

To start, and to make it match the gloves, I did a foundation double crochet row of 108 stitches. Then for the next 5 rows, I did alternating front post and back post double crochet to get the same sort of ribbing as the wrists of the gloves.

After that I did a row of 108 sc as a transition between the ribbing and the body of the hat, which I used double crochet for, again like the gloves.

I sort of worked it by eye and trial on my own head to see how quickly the hat should taper off to the point. Once it was done, I simply added a little embellishment to the sides with a few X's, which seem to be on a lot of hats people have made. I guess it is fake stitching? On the other side I added a triforce outline, which tied nicely back into the gloves. These really take the hat from boring to interesting. These details are done in the leftovers of the gold skein from the gloves as well.

This hat should fit just about any adult, as it fits me with plenty of stretch.

Time to complete: 7 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Link's Hat Pattern
F3.5mm hook, about 250 yards Superfine 1 Yarn (Cascade Heritage)
R1. Foundation double crochet chain 100 stitches, join to first to make a loop.
R2-9. Do eight rows around of double crochet, front post back post alternating to make ribbing, join to first with slip stitch and chain two up to next rows at end of each row.
R10. Ch 1, Single crochet around (100)
R11-15. Half double crochet around (100)
R16. Hdc 9, dec* around, 10hdc to end (90)
R17-19. Hdc 90 around
R20. Hdc 8, dec* around, 10hdc to end (82)
R22-25. 82 hdc around
R26. Hdc 7, dec* around, 10 hdc to end (74)
R27-29. 74 hdc around
R30. Hdc6,dec* around, 10hdc to end (66)
R31-33. 66 hdc around
R34. Hdc5, dec* around, 10 hdc to end (58)
R35-36. 58 hdc around
R37. Hdc4, dec* around, 10hdc to end (50)
R38-39. 50 hdc around
R40. Hdc3,dec* around (41)
R41-42. 41 hdc around
R43. Hdc2, dec* (30)
R44-45. 30 hdc around
R46. Hdc1, dec* (20)
R47-48. 20 hdc around
R49. Hdc, Dec*, 2hdc to end (14)
R50-51. 14 hdc around
R52. Hdc, Dec*, 2hdc around (10)
R53-54. 10 hdc around
R55. Dec around (5) and close.