February 1, 2016

Red Snapper Hat

I was starting on a new idea for another dragon hat, when I used up a full skein of red and realized it wouldn't work.
not long enough to be a dragon...

This is mainly because I started the pattern assuming I had more yarn of the same color red, when I did not. So instead I made it into a fish hat, as that is the base pattern I use. Since it was red I decided it should be a red snapper, as it is a common fish in Animal Crossing.
a red snapper
reworked into a fish
To that end, I decided to make different pectoral (side) fins than the pattern calls for to try and get it more on model to the actual fish. These I modified from a leaf pattern, but instead of doing them evenly I would make one side longer and the other shorter to get the tapered fin shape.

I then also embellished the tail fin to have a bit more a pointed shape on the top. Making those little picots on the tops of the shell shape really helped tie it in to the fins.

I also made the dorsal (back) fin to match the same sort of shape of the actual fish with a rounded end and spiky front. I do think this might have been larger, but I was running out of time and dark red at this point.

I also decided to give him eyes with pupils, but I made them look off center so it could look alive or dead depending on your outlook.

With yet another of these hats done I am reminded of how easy and fun they are, though somehow I always feel that my husband's fish hat is the best one I made.

Difficulty: Easy
Time to Complete: 5 hours