March 15, 2021

Kid Gloves & Ear Warmer

You may have seen on the news that Texas had a rather drastic Snow-pocolypse February 12-19th. We got 5 inches of snow and were stuck home with the kids for about a week. As its Texas, I dont really have any super warm gloves or anything for the kids. So I whipped up a pair of fingerless gloves and a matching ear warmer.

Ear Warmer Pattern:

Fingerless Gloves:

I used some scrap yarn that is velvety black with green, blue, purple for the ply. Very cute, but also might last over more than one winter (and color favorites). I didn't have enough to finish the ear warmer so I supplemented it with black Big Twist from Joann's.

Both patterns are super easy. I made the toddler gloves, which are actually a tiny bit big, but she should grow into them nicely. The ear warmer I did make the twist look, but that made it too small on her head... we have large heads in this family. So I added a few inches of black and added ties, so I can change the size to be larger or smaller as needed. The velvet yarn didn't really have a ton of stretch. 

Time to complete: 2 hours, one for the ear warmer, 30 min each for gloves
Difficulty: Easy