March 8, 2021

White Woff

OK. Maybe it's time to stop with Hilda projects... but after this one.

A local yarn sale had a ton of cool stuff, and one of the things I bought just for the whim of it was Berroco Macro, color 6701"Snowshoe Hare", 7 Jumbo Weight Wool Acrylic blend taking a whopping 19mm hook. 

A Woff is a simple enough shape, just a big sphere with a tapered tail. The only tricky bit was that I wanted it to be as big as possible with the limited yarn I had, once again playing yarn-chicken with my skeins. I sort of guesstimated getting more than halfway through the Woff body at the end of the first skein, ensuring I’d have enough to finish as well as make a tail and ears. The muzzle I made with a very close off white color, but in a much thinner weight - Red Heart Soft in Off White, 4mm hook. A little bit of black for the nose and eyes - Big Twist in Black, 4 mm hook. Pure white for the eyes. The tail I tried to taper off in the sort of signature wiggle shape of the tails in flight. 

After making the ears, I had a little bit left so I decided to try a technique from All About Ami where you brush the finished piece with a cat slicker to get a furry look. I started to make a flat swatch to test this on before doing the big Woff, but realized I might have enough to make a small sphere which would be a more accurate test... and then when I had enough to make the tail I knew I had to make a baby Woff. After an excessive amount of brushing, the baby Woff was indeed a very nice furry fluff ball and it helped to conceal the holes between the stitches which I thought were rather large, but that’s a side effect of working with large hooks. One thing to note, I did do the brushing outside as a ton of fuzzies were generated in the process, and the fluff on the slicker will make some excellent fluff for felting. 

BIG Woff, 15mm hook

  • Mc 5 (working from nose to tail)
  • Inc around (10)
  • Sc, inc (15)
  • 2sc, inc (20)
  • 3sc, inc (25)
  • 4sc, inc (30)
  • 5sc, inc (35)
  • 6sc, inc (40)
  • 7sc, inc (45)
  • 8sc, inc (50)
  • 8 rows sc around (60)
  • Dec, 8 sc
  • Dec, 7 sc 
  • Dec, 6 sc
  • Dec, 5 sc
  • Dec, 4 sc
  • Dec, 3 sc 
  • Dec, 2 sc

Tail starts here:

  • 3 rows sc around (15)
  • Going to do some inc/dec to get a wavy tail shape
  • Dec, 6sc, inc, 6sc
  • Dec, 6sc, inc, 6sc
  • 2 dec, 5sc, 2inc, 5sc
  • 15sc around
  • 2inc, 5sc, 2inc, 4sc
  • Inc, 6sc, dec, 6sc
  • Taper off now, stuff as you go along. 
  • 8 Sc, dec, 5sc
  • 7sc, dec, 5sc
  • Dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc
  • Dec, 3sc, dec, 4sc
  • Dec, 2sc, dec, 4sc
  • Dec around till it’s closed 

Ears, make 2, 15mm hook

  • Mc 3
  • Inc around (6)
  • Sc, inc around (9)
  • Sc around 2 rows
  • Dec, sc around (6)
  • Sc around, Stuff leave tail to sew to head 

Snout, 4.25mm hook, used some colored pins to mark out where it should be sewn in place to prevent it being crooked.

  • Mc 6
  • Inc
  • Sc, inc
  • 2sc inc
  • 3sc inc
  • 4sc inc
  • 5sc inc
  • 6sc inc
  • 7sc inc
  • 8sc inc
  • Sc around


  • Mc6
  • Inc 12
  • Sc, inc 18 
  • 2sc, inc 24
  • 3sc, inc 30
  • 4sc, inc 36
  • 4sc, hdc, dc inc, 3dc, 3 trb inc, 3dc, dc inc, Hdc, 5sc, hdc, dc inc, 3dc, 3trbinc, 3dc, dc inc, hdc, sc
  • 7sc, hdc, hdc inc, 2dc, dc inc, 3dc, dc inc, 2dc, hdc inc, hdc, 10sc, hdc, hdc inc, 2dc, dc inc, 3dc, dc inc, 2dc, hdc inc, hdc, 2sc, sl st


  • Mc6
  • Inc (12)
  • 3 Sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 3sc (14)
  • 14 Sc around 
  • Pupil chain 5, 
  • Sc in first, 2sc, 3sc in last turning to other side, 3sc (9)
  • 3hdc in one, 4sc, 3hdc, 4sc, slst

Tiny test:


Inc around (12)

Sc, inc (18)

18 Sc around for three rows

Dec, sc (12)

Dec (6)

Sc around for two rows

Dec, 4sc

2sc, dec , sc, dec

Tiny mouth:  Mc6 12 18 24 Three rows 24 around

Tiny eyes:



Sc, inc, 5sc inc 4sc

Pupils and Smile embroidered on.

These work up fast. Maybe about 1 hour for the little all told. Maybe 4 for Big Woff.

Little one measures about 6 inches wide, 10 inches from nose to tail.

Big one measures about 12 inches wide by 25 inches long nose to tail.

To be honest the little one gets played with a lot more since its like the perfect size for making fly through the air. (read throw it)

Difficulty: Easy