February 17, 2012

Doodle Time

Blank paper and a pencil is better than almost anything on the planet. Yes, I have a tablet. Yes, I mostly color and ink in Photoshop, but really... where does it come from? where does those lines to trace start? With a simple pencil in my hand. Here's a collection of doodles from the last few weeks.

The first two here are a rough sketch for the last post I did of fan art for Adventure Time/ Avatar:TLA. 

This one, and you can see a really rough sketch for this in the first image (upside down), are sketches for an idea I had for wedding invites that I was working on for a friend of mine. I will most likely post images of the two versions I came up with in a future post.

In a recent episode of Adventure Time called "Paper Pete", Jake the dog is reading a large book about the history of Lady Rainicorn's people since he says sometime in the future he might have half ranicorn half dog pups. Imagining what those pups might look like is an awesome fun time. 

The next two here are for more fan art for a fantastic web comic called Monster Pulse. If you haven't/don't already read this comic you should. Right now. Go. Come back when you are done.
So I have been thinking about what kind of monster I might get. Nothing too crippling but still...

This is one of the scenes I sketched out for my submission for the Doctor Cat contest.

And finally. Another quick sketch of Agent Sonar. Since she is basically a space alien for all intensive purposes, she doesn't like the government. Basically they would love to get their hands on and study her. In our last session she was freaking out a bit since she is trapped in a building, inside a car, surrounded by SWAT teams.