February 18, 2012

A Summer Wedding

In Texas, the summer is hot.

Duh, ok. So this post is about those wedding invites that I keep mentioning I was working on for friends. I thought I would share the two concepts I came up with. One fit their theme just a bit better, so obviously that is the one they chose. The other... well I will get to that.

Here is the one they chose. With their theme of "Gaming" a little nod to a classic DnD campaign was all that was needed to add a little humor to their invites.

I am not ashamed to say that I was just a little bit loopy when I wrote the text, but I still find it funny, but at the same time, it is my earnest wish for them. Being married myself, I have faced down those opponents in the past and continue to do so regularly.

Here is the RSVP to match.

And finally the second version. This one was a lot more summer and anime themed.

I spent a lot of time on those little caricatures of them and their dogs. I intend to have a nice one printed up and framed as a wedding gift.