February 18, 2012

Monster Pulse Fanart

Well you got a little sneak peek in my doodles post, but here it is... the final fanart for my girl for Monster Pulse. Since I basically did myself, I figure it's a self portrait too. And I added in all the bits of stuff like I would have in my room.

Thought of all my organs, ears might be cool to see as monsters. Of course you would get a pair too! Since the inner ear is snail shell shaped, I thought it would be cool if they were kind of snail like. Not much in a fight, but excellent for spying since I feel like they would work like extendable ears, as long as it isn't too far away she could still hear. She wears headphones though, since a hole-y head is super gross.

Without the monster ears, I guess it is a better self portrait... if a bit lonely.