September 24, 2012

30DC-MG: Day 2: Centaur

(30DC-MG = 30 Day Challenge- Monster Girls)

I used to draw a lot of horses back in the day. Meaning when I was 11. Even did a special girl scout camp for horses. Had to memorize at least 5 different kinds. Anyway I suck at drawing them still.

Thought about horses. How they sit. How they lie. How they run. Thinking about horses lead to thinking about ponies, and then of course, My Little Pony. There is a lot of fan art of them in both pony and people form... But I haven't seen any centaur fan art... kinda like the best of both worlds no?

So I apologize in advance for people who like Fluttershy, since I think I did her a disservice. But Oh Well.

^---------------------        I like the stupid duck best.