September 13, 2012

Cucumber Quest, Oz & Avatars

So ever since watching Summer Wars, I've wished that Oz was real and that I could really make a custom avatar like was displayed in the movie with all those options. Started sketching around right after I saw it the third time or so... That was months ago now. You can see the direction I was going. The squiddy one is one for my husband.

Already here I was going toward Animal Crossing, Cats and Kimonos
I've left off it and been working on other things. Been thinking I need to get back to webcomic doodles. So the next one on my list is Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG. This comic is so awesome that I backed their Kickstarter because I want a print book of it so freaking bad.

Follows and unlikely hero, Cucumber, in his quest to defeat the Nightmare Knight, along with a whole host of characters. I am totally in love with the art for this comic... It like it has parts of oil painting and watercolors and pastels, parts of children's cutout books, pop up books, samurai jack sponge-painted backgrounds, fanatastic lighting and color. It's got the best parts of Animal Crossing and video games and RPGs and magic. It has cuteness and humor out the wazoo.

Anyway I wanted to draw something, so I just started doodling what I might look like as an inhabitant of Dreamside.

Everone is bunny in Dreamside, so far, I think.
Today I realized that there is a connection between these two different thoughts... I think. Then I was thinking about the previous avatars I have created and Animal Crossing. Anyway I have also been thinking that I need a new Twitter avatar so I did some more doodles today.

I tried to get a full 360 of it in my head. Nailed down her kimono design a bit more. It is a totoro design kimono. Animal Crossing ish shape. Cat like head and calico ish color spots. Cat/Rabbit ish ears. Tail which curls like my dog's. Eyes outline = glasses.  

Bottom left is an idea for a ParaNorman/Scooby Doo Fanart.
Started then thinking more about that twitter design... Might have to fix this since I have her holding the stuff in the wrong hand. I am lefthanded. Might just take it out all together.
I will probably color this.