September 19, 2012

ParaNorman on my doorstep!

I usually tweet my posts here to their relevant subjects or creators if those entities have a twitter handle, for example, I direct tweets of fan art for webcomics to those comics' creators. Usually I get a nice note back from them expressing appreciation.

Last week, I tweeted about my outfit that inspired this post about the film ParaNorman. I got a reply back with a link asking me to confirm my identity and give them my address. I was unsure if I was simply entering their #WeirdWins contest or what. But I thought it couldn't hurt in any case.

I forgot about it until yesterday when a tube appeared on my doorstep, addressed to me, from Blithe Hollow. Blithe Hollow is the fictional town that ParaNorman is set in. Also, it was stamped with this tell tale stamp. I practically had a heart attack right then!

With trembling hands I brought it inside and set it on the table. My plan was to open it with my husband, but he didnt get home until 6pm. It was 12:15pm... could I make it? I busied myself with chores and work and trapping and rescuing a mother cat and her litter of 3 day old kittens from behind my woodpile.

The kitties didn't even have their eyes open yet.
 Now it was 4 something... nope can't wait!

Inside I found a lovely little postcard. Cool art on one side and a nice message to the recipient on the other. Loved the little skull detail at the bottom of the card. That's the graphic designer part speaking.

Rolled up inside was not one, two or three but FOUR... four posters. They are huge: 36"h x24"w. And on really nice paper too. They range from the one you see at the theater, to a few highly stylized zombie genre looking ones. I have no idea where I am going to put them, but I am going to frame and hang each and every one. I'm now thinking I should turn the giant blank wall in my office into a giant inspiration wall and just hang all kinds of random stuff on it, including these four.

This one is at theaters I think.
Looks a little Invader Zim to me.
My favorite.
Runner up for favorite.