November 16, 2012

A Second Jumping Monkey

So, one of my oldest friends is having a second kid. For her first I made a monkey as that is her theme for the nursery. She likes to leave the sex as a surprise so generic colors and gifts are best. I like this monkey pattern from Pica-Pau because I feel like with a few adjustments, I can easily change it from a boy to a girl. So, if it turns out to be a girl I will just add a little skirt at the bottom of the shirt and add a flower or two.

The last monkey was one of the first more complicated patterns I have ever made and in the year or so since making that last one, clearly my skills have improved. At least I think so. I chose better yarn this time around for one thing. I was able to make the thumb popcorn stitch correctly after spending so much time working on those for the many Daleks I made.

I was a little short on safety eyes so this time I embroidered them on. I think I like it better. Plus I was able to follow the nose/mouth area pattern with improved understanding since it is conveyed via a diagram rather than text.

I am really happy with this one. Hopefully I will be able to add that skirt...

UPDATE: She had a girl and so I was able to add a skirt, and a little flower too.
It was pretty simple since the bottom edge of the shirt was made in the back loops only so I had an open front loop to use to add the skirt on to. It is two rows of sc, one row of dc, one row of alternating a shell (5dc in the same stitch) and one sc in next, and then I did one edge row of sc in the light green. 

Much more of a girl now.