November 12, 2012

Always the blue one

Laying in bed last night I was thinking about my blue hair. It needs to be redyed since the roots are showing...  Contemplated going back to brown. But then decided against it for the simple reason that I think blue is the right color for me. Don't care if brown is "natural", blue is me.

It's been my favorite color since I found out that I was a Pisces - Aquarius cusp sign in elementary school while looking through the Big Book of Birthdays. And probably before that. The time while I lived in Missouri, with my two good friends, Marie and Katy, I learned a lot about myself. I'm starting to realize how formative that time was. The three of us shared our favorite shows together and, of course, assigned each of us a character from each show.
Bubbles likes to color. Umi likes to read. Ami has an awesome mini computer and glasses. Ditto to all.

Powerpuff Girls was the first: I was Bubbles.
Followed by Sailor Moon: I was Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury.
Finally, Magic Knight Rayearth: I was Umi Ryuuzaki.

They were all the blue character. Assigned to water. Common traits seem to be that they were smart, quiet and dependable, if a little shy at times. Guess I am happy with that.